And there’s the bell for the start of round 15, by rule the final round of this epic bout. 

Both fighters come out of thier corners. They’re a bit tired. Keith “Penslinger” Hughes lets his guard drop a bit, and Scott “Spiritualtramp” Roche moves in. Oh! Hughes is rocked by a nasty jab to the face! He stumbles back, but manages to shake off the blow.

Now he’s back in it. A roundhouse punch is barely blocked by Roche, but he didn’t see  Hughes’ left coming in for a body blow. Roche staggers, then falls to a knee. The referee has to keep Hughes back while Roche struggles to stand again.

I don’t know how much more these two can take, they’ve been hard at it in this bout and it’s nearly over.

OK, Scott is on his feet, but is swaying dangerously. The referee releases Keith, and he storms in with a flurry of fists. This could be all she wrote, folks. Roche can hardly bring his fists up. He’s taking a beating, and yes! He’s going down….

It’s the final few hours of Ebook Death Match, that contest of titans between Scott Roche and me. It’s been a good bout, with solid punches thrown by either side.

In case you’ve missed any of the content we’ve put out or inspired over the last two weeks here’s a brief recap:

I want to thank everyone who participated in Ebook Death Match, especially if you bought Scott’s book and helped push me towards victory! But if you bought my book I want to thank you as well. I’d also like to thank all those who played our promo on their podcasts, retweeted my many EDM posts, or did anything to spread the word about Ebook Death Match.

But the bout isn’t over yet! Scott and I fight until 11:59:59 tonight, so if you haven’t bought Scott’s unsettling, enthralling, exciting, and yes, KICK-ASS horror anthology Through a Glass, Darkly then please do so now. You can purchase it on Amazon for the Kindle/Kindle App, or on Smashwords for any other ereader/ereader app.

Please support me by buying Scott’s book if you haven’t already done so. And make sure you cast your vote in the poll to determine what Scott gets to perform when he loses. Don’t do it just for me. Do it… for the puppies!

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