I am always working on something new, and here is what I currently have in my creative pipeline. Stay tuned for release information on these exciting titles.

Kilo Rising
(Rated R)
How does a normal mid-western girl become one of the most skilled assassins in the world? This book explores the life of Karen Sinclair, who begins with a young woman with a diffident mother, and the path that she takes toward an unlikely boot camp resulting in the creation of her new, violent persona.

Simon Shuffelberger and the Ungral Horde
(YA – Rated PG)
After failing out of the military and in life, Simon ends up working as a
member of the Galactic Army of Sanitation, the lowest job available to humans. Now he
plies the remote reaches of the galaxy with his GAS scow, looking for flotsam and other space junk. His only
companions are an eccentric AI and the haunting memories of his failures. Then he picks up two junky escape pods that change the course of his cruise: one contains a corpse, and the other contains a woman who is very much alive. While Simon is trying to discover the mysteries behind this find, they find themselves the only sentients standing in the way of a vicious Ungral invasion fleet.

(Rated PG-13)
The Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor! Oji is surprised when his father’s death decree skips over the presumed heir to the throne, his sister Kogo, and gives the throne to him. But his reign is short-lived as Kogo attempts regicide and takes the throne by force. Barely escaping that doom, Oji flees to the fringe stations that are peopled by rebels and outcasts. Taking the name Uragira in his attempt to hide his true identity his ruse is soon revealed, bringing about a three-way war to determine the fate of the system.

Phaser Quinn
(Humor, Rated PG-13)
When his ship is impounded, Phaser Quinn teams up with a Russian spacer desperate for affection and a lovestruck bartender in an unlikely bid to meet the demands of a bully dockmaster. Along the way they encounter a space station long thought haunted, and strange creatures that love to feast on technology of all types.

Pen image courtesy of Tekke