keh-20160923Welcome to! My name is Keith Hughes and I write a wide variety of science fiction, with time travel stories being my favorite. My mission is to create new realities, strange new situations, to boldly pen what no one has written before!

Long-form fiction has been spooling out of my brain for the last ten years, and I am a six-time winner of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I have been podcasting since 2009 when I released my first serialized audiobook on, and I now have a quasi-daily podcast called Ramblings of an Undisciplined Mind where I talk about whatever is going on in my head.

I live in Rochester Hills, MI with my wife, and make appearances at a small number of conventions. I also provide a newsletter that provides exclusive content and early release information for those interested in my work. You can subscribe to that newsletter on the home page.

You can also reach me in any of the following ways:

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All feedback is appreciated and cherished!