Below are a variety of podcasts available for you listening pleasure. From my unscripted quasi-daily Ramblings podcast, to serializations of my full novels. See below for links to all of this great content…

Ramblings of an Undisciplined MindRoaUMP Large Square

On this ‘cast I talk about writing, editing, the interwebz, video games, or any other topic that strikes my fancy. Recorded quasi-daily on my commute, RoaUMP is spontaneous and totally unscripted.

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Serialized Audiobooks

Borrowed TimeBorrowed Time

Ness Relevant is living on borrowed time. Molecular implosion, cellular degeneration, and dangerous men are but a few of the perils faced by the friendly and unassuming forensic photographer.

His quiet bachelorhood is interrupted when he receives an innocent looking device in the mail from a friend and former college professor. Ness unexpectedly finds himself embroiled in events driven by his friend’s success.

This device is the focal point of a struggle that could overturn the whole world should Ness or his friend’s invention fall prey to greedy men. Before his time runs out Ness must travel back to an uncomfortable past to prevent an unthinkable future.

Book 1 of The Borrowed Time Chronology

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Stolen Time

Ness Relevant has traveled through time before. Now he must once again use his time machine to confront a determined foe. Only this time his personal stakes are even higher. Threatened by his future, he must find a way to save his wife and thwart a mad-man’s schemes for world conquest, or he’ll never regain his stolen time.

Book 2 of The Borrowed Time Chronology





The Guerrilla Poet

What if by simply Writing a Word you could build a wall, light a fire, or cloud someone’s mind? In an environment like this Alan Porter struggles to use his talents to overthrow a totalitarian government that controls the masses by controlling Words. Access to Writing materials is restricted, and creating Verse without a license is severely punished. Raised in this atmosphere of systematic censorship, Alan heeds the irresistible call of Words to create a better world.

Now Alan gathers people who will fight with him to bring about a society based on freedom. In a war where the weapons are stylus, paper, and Words, he is the only one who can lead the battle and show the way to victory, a fight that Alan Porter wages even long after his death, because he is the Guerrilla Poet.