Little poems filled with dark humor, and older than you’d guess. #RoaUMPSee the Bitstrips here Run time: 8:13 Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…” Or check out the video version here.Read More →

And there’s the bell for the start of round 15, by rule the final round of this epic bout. Both fighters come out of thier corners. They’re a bit tired. Keith “Penslinger” Hughes lets his guard drop a bit, and Scott “Spiritualtramp” Roche moves in. Oh! Hughes is rocked by a nasty jab to the face! He stumbles back, but manages to shake off the blow. Now he’s back in it. A roundhouse punch is barely blocked by Roche, but he didn’t see  Hughes’ left coming in for a body blow. Roche staggers, then falls to a knee. The referee has to keep Hughes back whileRead More →

I awoke this morning to find that Treed, star of stage, screen, Twitter, and Bitstrips, has immortalized Borrowed Time with its own Bitstrip! You can see it frame by frame below, Or click here to see the strip in its entirety . I especially like how he has me threatening to have him removed from the time line. He knows me so well. Thanks Treed!Read More →