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Ramblings Episode 146 – Ebook Death Match

I talk about a selling competition Scott Roche and I held in 2011. #RoaUMP Run time: 14:35 Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…”

The Winner and Champeen is…

The bout is over and the judges’ decisions have come in: Scott Roche has won Ebook Death Match! That means I have to get busy on the loser’s consequence of “Write a song a sing it.” Stay tuned for a

It’s the 15th and Final Round….

And there’s the bell for the start of round 15, by rule the final round of this epic bout. Both fighters come out of thier corners. They’re a bit tired. Keith “Penslinger” Hughes lets his guard drop a bit, and Scott

Power In the Blood (NSFW) – The Video

WARNING: This video contains violence, swearing, and gore. Listener discretion is advised. I read an excerpt from Fetch, one of the short stories in Scott Roche’s horror anthology, Through A Glass, Darkly. Check out the Ebook Death Match event on

Power in the Blood (NSFW)

Warning: This story contains compromising situations, foul language, and graphic violence. This episode is my reading of an excerpt from the short story Power in the Blood, part of the horror anthology Through a Glass, Darkly by Scott Roche. Support

Time Out! Podcast #15 – Ebook Death Match and Beyond…

In this episode I cover: Initial edits are completed for Stolen Time, and it has been turned over to the Pianoeditor and her fourteen-inch Pencil of Doom©.   Borrowed Time is on the Amazon Kindle Store! I also go over