In the twelfth episode of the Time Out! podcast I cover:

  • Feedback
  • The podcast survey
  • Progress on The Guerrilla Poet
  • Forum discussion
  • Borrowed Time eBook Coupon – UE94V – Good through 05/21/2010
  • Discussion about authors jumping genres

I also play a promo for:

  • The Guerrilla Poet!

Run time: 31:00

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  1. Sorry I messed th elive broadcast. I actually have something for the genre discussion. I read stories by 2 authors that wrote in different genres, or did they? Stephen King branched out once with "The Eye of the Dragon" which I thought was going to be a fantasy story. I would say it was more of one of his typical scary stories with a fantasy setting. I still thought it was a good story, but not as many fantasy elements as I was expecting. Piers Anthony also branched out a couple times, sorta. He generally goes back and forth between fantasy and scifi, but wrote 2 books that were more historical fiction, The Isle of Woman was the title I think. A far cry from his usual fare, but again a good story. As for you, good luck with that romantic comedy…

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