In the eleventh episode of the Time Out! podcast I cover:

  • Where the Hell have I been?
  • Live Episode Feedback
  • Forum news
  • New voice mail number (248-289-0143)
  • Website update & fan art!
  • Live podcast #2 – May 14 @ 9:30pm
  • Borrowed Time update
  • The Time Out! Podcast is on iTunes!

I also play a promo for:

Run time: 17:58

Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…”


  1. Thanks for the awesome review of my art. I had fun working on it, and even learned a new technique. I should give props to the open source program GIMP, that it my tool of choice for this kind of work. Hope to make it to the live event next month.

  2. No problem! I think you've set the record for the quickest comment after an episode has been posted, too. You're just full of firsts!

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