Like a stealthy submarine comes episode sixteen…

Happy Veteran’s Day to all our veterans!  Thank you so much for your service to our country.

Check out the short film, The Penslinger.

The Guerrilla Poet is now, at long last, available on the Zune Marketplace!

I have added some maps to the Guerrilla Poet page. The first shows the location of Throm City and the route Alan and Christina take to Chicago, and the second shows the location of Tiba.

In this episode Christina sends Alan out into the abandoned city of Chicago in search of kitchen supplies. He finds what he needs at a former restaurant which is still fully stocked with everything except food.  Days later Alan finds a library in the midst of the decaying skyscrapers, filled with volumes of Words needed for his education as a Poet.

Run time: 25:38

Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…”


  1. This sounds amazing. It might be tragic, but many people I know want to witness that day when they could walk the earth, though alone, and get anything they want- from kitchen supplies to LCD tv's.

  2. I've always been fascinated with abandoned cities, which is what fueled that part of the book. Searching through one sounds like great fun.

    Thanks for the comment! 😉

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