My prime editing time is the wee hours of the morning. I get up around 3:15am, brew some green tea, and get to work. It’s a quiet time and I can get a lot done. But the strangest thing has happened to me recently while ediitng Stolen Time.

A few weeks ago I was working when a rather large and ugly spider (really, they’re all ugly) spider ran right across my manuscript. I about jumped out of my skin and uttered some un-ladylike words before consigning my visitor to a watery death in the Commode of DoomTM.

Then yesterday I was once again editing away when the brother to the previous spider dropped from the heavens onto my manuscript. After more jumping and uttering on my part my visitor joined his brother in the CoD.

Then I realized that all of this arachnid activity could hardly be a coincidence. After all, I’m sitting in a relatively large house, they could go anywhere but choose to run across or jump on my work. In a flash of logic that I’m sure Mr. Spock* would agree with, I can only draw one conclusion.

Get ready for Stolen Time, it’s gonna knock your socks off. How do I know?

‘Cause spiders dig it!

* Mr. Spock could not be reached for comment, nonetheless all comments or opinions attributed to him in this post should be believed implicitly.


  1. I always trust spiders to pick reading material. Why do they never pick the large hard-covered books?

  2. Would YOU read something that could squash you flat? All it takes is falling sleep while reading once, and it's GAME OVER! I hear Kindles are big with the eight-legged set, though.

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