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  1. Your review confirmed what I was thinking; I want to see this movie. I got a feeling from the trailer that it wasn’t your typical Marvel movie. I think that is the reason I also liked Dr. Strange so much. Cool special effects are nice, but I need a good story to enjoy a movie. I had a similar issue with
    The Hobbit movies. I love the book, but the director’s choice to fill 3 feature length films with a story that I thought might last 2 movies, at best, was not a good one IMHO. They added content and characters that weren’t part of the original story and that just diluted a great adventure. And, here come’s my other rant on The Hobbit, some of the fighting sequences were so outlandish with the acrobatics of Legolas and whatshername that I have not finished watching the last movie. Anyway, thanks again for a great review. I look forward to seeing Black Panther, someday.

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