1. I read Leonard Nimoy’s books, “I Am Not Spock” and “I Am Spock”, many years ago (I was/am a big fan of his, RIP). They are, indeed, partial autobiographies, but also his attempt to reconcile the iconic character with his own personality, and with other people’s expectations of him. Much of the first book covers his early days as an actor, if I recall correctly.

    Regarding the remake of “Conan The Barbarian” starring Jason Momoa, it’s not very good. They spent an awful lot of money, just to have it look like a B-film, and I suspect this wasn’t a deliberate stylistic choice. Additionally, the script made Conan completely unrecognizable as some sort of liberator of the oppressed. Clearly, the screenwriters never read the source material. The film bombed, which it deserved. I like Momoa, though, so I’m glad it didn’t hold him back.

  2. I haven’t read the Spock books, but I did watch the documentary For the Love of Spock. If I recall correctly, it covered some of the same material. I was most impressed with his drive to take on any job to make sure he provided for his family.

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