1. Allow me to refresh your memory about how the conversation went when we heard the big boom that was supposed to bring down the Silverdome on Sunday morning.

    In this podcast you said you ran through possibilities in your mind, which I don’t doubt. Not being inside your head (thank the Lord!) I cannot refute that.

    In this podcast you also said something like “I told the wife it was the Silverdome implosion.” Here is where I must zap your erroneous memory engrams and exchange them for the correct ones. Here’s how it really went.

    Keith: What the **ll is that?
    The Wife: The Silverdome. [looks at phone] Yep. It’s 8:30.
    Keith: I thought it wasn’t supposed to be until 8:45.
    The Wife: Nope.

  2. If that stadium only holds 82,000 that makes is smaller than the stadium at University of Alabama which holds 101,821. People down here love them some football!

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