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  1. Interesting ideas. I, too, am curious about that QR code card concept that you mentioned was done for the anthology your wife participated in.

    Since the author event, I’ve had a bit of an about-face. I decided to make my novels available as paperbacks after all. Though no one was rude or unfriendly at the event, my takeaway was that if you didn’t have something right there in hand to show off, you simply didn’t have much to talk about. I got more conversation going about the fact that I do podio/audiobooks, than I did about the books themselves.

    To that end, last weekend I took the time to put my first book into paperback format through Amazon’s CreateSpace service. I don’t even have a copy of it, myself, but it’s done. Now, if I choose to do another event like the previous one, I can potentially have more than just an empty table to show — or not. It’s an option, in other words, and one I didn’t have before.

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