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  1. I read the same thing about the alpacas, I just haven’t tried it yet. I decided to go on a bit of a row-about adventure in my current world since I’m on the edge of the land mass. I went in one direction and found a desert biome. When I was walking around I thought I saw the entrance to a desert temple, but in only turned out to be a well.

    I went back to my spawn point and headed in the opposite direction and was pleased that my laptop was a big laggy. As I came around a spit of land, I could see what looked like torches and tunnels deep under the water as the terrain was generated. I landed and did some digging and came across a mine and died soon after that thanks to a creeper. When I came back, I built a lighthouse on the surface and am working to gather materials to make armour so I can explorer the mine in relative safety.

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