1. I didn’t even finish listening to this before I downloaded and started playing this game. I may even go back and listen to the rest of the episode, or at least continue to the next one. Great game!

  2. Now that I’ve played that level, I can tell you how I think they got the number 9. Number the boxes starting with 1 in the first column of the first row, and continue across, then down. Row 1 has 1-5, row 2 had 6-10, and so on. The fourth box in the second row would be box number 9 of 25. As for the rainbow order, I have no idea how they expected you to figure that part out.

  3. Ok, one last (maybe) random thought on this post. When I saw the title in my RSS feed, I thought you were making an announcement about a new video game console designed my the music group Hansen. [insert rimshot sound byte here]

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