1. You gave very good marriage advice. I noted the key phrase, “In all cases, the sheets stay on the shelf.” I’m proud to see how well trained you are. I have a feeling that as we hit 35, 40, and 50 years, you may realize that because the sheets stay on the shelf no matter how many head shakes and eye rolls there are, this may not be the wisest course. Continued head shakes and eye rolls could result in trips to the doghouse and/or the sofa. You may want to consider reverting to your 0-to-5-year advice: Say, “Yes, dear” and put the sheets on the shelf. Love you! *bats eyelashes*

  2. The sofa can be a good place, especially if there is a gaming console nearby. Keep shaking that head and rolling those eyes; you may end up in a happy place. ;-D

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