I devised a drinking game for those watching the competition show The Voice. #RoaUMP

Best played with 4-5 people. A “drink” is defined as one-third of a Solo red party cup


During blinds auditions each player pick a coach for every singer. If that coach is a one-chair turn, those player that picked him take a drink.

Everyone takes a drink for 4-chair turns (blind auditions).

Whenever any of the judges uses the term “pitchy”, everyone must take a drink while doing a minimum of 2 squats. Penalty drink if a player falls down.

Whenever one of the judges mentions that they would have pressed their button if they only knew what the singer looked like, everyone must stand, close their eyes, and take a drink while turning 2 revolutions. Penalty drink if a player falls down.

Whenever Adam and Blake have a bromance moment, each player must pick someone of the same sex, give them a hug, and both take a drink. Penalty drink if players wimp out.

Everyone takes a drink and shouts “Amazing” whenever one of the coaches uses that term.

Whenever anyone on the show says they are going to “follow their gut” or “follow their instincts” all players drink while rubbing their tummies. Bonus points if you stand and do two revolutions as well.

 If a judge says “You’re the best…” each player must toast the room with “You’re the best!” and take a drink.

Bonus rule (not on podcast): Everyone shouts “Salud!” and takes a drink whenever Blake’s drinking is mentioned.

Note – Typical conditions apply: Be of legal drinking age, don’t drink and drive. 

Run time: 18:08

Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…”

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