1. I walked away after your warning, but I’m back now. I called those modders the Modded Teenaged Ninja Turtles, they were completely ridiculous at best. Not a good offering in my opinion, and they topped off with the rancor doing it’s best King Kong impersonation when all the scared people were shooting it after the big battle. At least we got to see more of Mando and friends. Just give me more of that and close the Book of Boba Fett.

  2. And one more plot hole. Boba Fett escaped the sarloc with his armor on. After that some Jawas stole it off him after that. He woke up while they were there so wouldn’t he remember that? He would not have needed to go back and look for the armor. On the plus side, only a week until Kenobi comes out.

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