1. I too have episodes of the new Abigail Branagan sitting in my queue, as well as this episode, which I am listening to while I leave this comment, and your next episode.

    Like you, just sitting and listening is not easy for me either. I usually listen on my drive to work. Since I don’t do that right now, listening while I work is the best way for me.

    Now, the next episode just started. Can I just leave feedback for that episode here or should I finish this one and leave comments for it under that episode?

  2. Now that I’m here, I forgot what I was going to write. Maybe I should have combined my feedback on that last episode.

    On second thought, this might not be as funny depending on the order you read the comments. Hopefully you read this one last otherwise it will be like that episode of Seinfeld where they played the scenes in reverse order.

    Either way, farewell Beast, you did well.

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