1. To continue the discussion about splitting timelines in this movie, do you think an iteration of Phil continues on past Groundhog Day while the one we see in the movie lives in a lather, rinse, repeat cycle?

  2. I ended up getting a double dose of sad with this. I missed the bit where you said the short film was on Amazon Video. I found one on YouTube with the same title, and it was a real downer too. In this one, the main character visits a company that developed technology allowing a person to relive memories. The idea behind it is repetition lessens the pain. It shows the series of memories he chose to relive, leading up to the moment of sadness. When I came back to the podcast and you mentioned the man watching Groundhog Day I was quite confused. I figured out where I went wrong, and watched the other one too. That’s enough sad for one day.

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