1. I was listening to this episode while you were posting The World’s Shortest Feedback episode, so my comment missed the boat.

    I used to wear a newsboy cap many years ago, and liked it very much. Your observation about the convenience of stashing it is spot on. It’s a simple, stylish hat, which looks good in all but the most formal of situations.

    There are some very nice wool newsboy caps out there, some with ear flaps that fold down for windy days. If you’re taking votes on it, mine goes to you getting a nice winter version of this attractive style of head gear.

  2. My go-to cold weather hat is a simple knit woolen toque. You can adjust it easily to cover your ears and stuff it in a pocket when not wearing it. Plus, it makes me look a little like The Edge from U2. Ok, maybe not, but I can dream can’t I?

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