1. Yesterday’s and today’s podcasts made me think that you may have forgotten some basic principles of economics. The convention hotel charges ridiculous amounts of money for food because that’s what the market will bear. People pay it, so there is very little pressure on them to lower the price. If there were a competitor or two, prices would come down as they both vie for the consumer dollar. Same thing with the streaming services. The nice thing in this case is that there are already competing streaming services, so the prices will soon come down, just like phone service prices dropped like a rock when Ma Bell was broken up.

  2. Our cable company offers a streaming service that is quite reasonable. We get all 5 local networks live (NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and FOX) and then choose 10 channels from the packages they offer. We were able to get all of the channels we usually watch, with On Demand for all of those channels for only $22 per month for the first 2 years. It would have cost another $15-20 to add a DVR service, but we have HULU for that feature. So far, those combined with Netflix and Prime Video we are well covered for pretty much anything we want to watch. One nice feature of having a cable package again is we can use our cable logon to access stuff like ESPN live to watch Alabama football games this fall.

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