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  1. Keith,

    You should have demanded your money back because of the dimness problem. For what they charge these days, they ought to give you a pedicure while you’re watching. I have a friend who used to demand his money back if he just didn’t LIKE the movie — and he’d get it, because they wanted to shut him up and get him out the door. Your complaint is more legit.

    I enjoyed “Solo”. I thought it was fun. You’re right, it really is a heist movie, but I like heist movies, and this one holds up well. I don’t feel nostalgia for the old days through any of the new movies, but I’m not a nostalgic person. I think they tied everything together well, and even fixed a few problems along the way. It’s about all you could ask for.

    I didn’t get a big Harrison Ford vibe off the new guy, to be honest, but I think that’s a very good thing: anything else would have been a parody of Ford. We already have Ford doing Han Solo. If a new person is doing it, I want to see their spin on the character.

    And for the record: I’m not a Woody Harrelson fan (I still hate him for taking Coach’s place on “Cheers”), but I did like him in this.

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