I recently received an e-mail from Felbrigg Herriot that he reviewed Borrowed Time on his Free Audio Review blog! As you can see below he enjoyed the story and recommends it to others:

The plot emerges through a series of exciting near-non-stop scenes where the protagonist is always on the run and flitting across time. It’s a compelling listen and great fun. I really enjoyed it… Well worth downloading.

Be sure to check out his other reviews to see what else out there in the podiosphere is worth a listen. And if his review led you to check out Borrowed Time, please leave him a comment and let him know.

Many thanks to Felbrigg for listening to my podiobook and for the awesome review.

Do you have a blog? Have you listened to Borrowed Time? Do you have an opinion about it?  Then I encourage you to blog about the story so that others can learn of the exciting adventures of Ness Relevant. And be sure to let me know so that I can shower you in thanks!

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