Timehunt: Borrowed Time
Formerly published as Borrowed Time.

Only yesterday can save tomorrow…

After a particularly unsettling day at work, forensic photographer Ness Relevont finds a strange package in his mailbox. Unraveling the mystery takes him on an action-packed ride into the past, where he confronts himself, his would-be killers, and his own regrets.
Stefanie B., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

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Timehunt: Stolen Time (Coming Soon)

Formerly published as Stolen Time.

Only tomorrow can destroy today…

Ness Relevant has traveled through time before. Now he must once again use his time machine to confront a determined foe. Only this time his personal stakes are even higher. Threatened by his future, he must find a way to save his wife and thwart a mad-man’s schemes for world conquest, or he’ll never regain his stolen time.