I am very pleased to be able to finally announce from the roof tops that I am part of the Podioracket Presents: Glimpses anthology that launches today on Podiobooks.com as a free podcast! Authors were invited to write an short story set in the world of one of their titles on the Podiobooks site. I wrote  Fleeting Time, which is a between-the-cracks story set in the world of my time travel novel Borrowed Time. Those who have experienced Borrowed Time will recognize where the this tale fits in with the larger story. And if you haven’t heard the novel, Fleeting Time is a great introductionRead More →

As an added bonus, here is the latest episode of PodioRacket, a podcast all about new titles on Podiobooks.com. Heather Roulo talks to me about The Guerrilla Poet, NaNoWriMo, and a wee bit about Stolen Time, the upcoming sequel to Borrowed Time. Enjoy! Run time: 22:41 Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…”Read More →

This’ll be great, it’s episode 8! The Guerrilla Poet drops on Podiobooks.com starting October 11. Let all your podiobooks.com-centric friends know it’s coming. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the next LIVE companion episode, September 23, 2010 at 9 PM. Call-ins will be handled through Skype, and streaming will be provided by Ustream. Visit the Live Podcasts page for more information. In this episode Inspector Panice takes Alan and Christina to the Office, where they are stripped, hosed down, questioned, and jailed. Alan is forced to use an unusual Writing medium to attempt an escape. Run time: 36:09 Press Play on the player aboveRead More →

I am very happy to announce that the Borrowed Time podcast is now available at Podiobooks.com. This is a great site with hundreds of FREE podcast books, including Borrowed Time. So if you’re interested in pure story without the companion episodes, Podiobooks.com is the place for you. And if you want some suggestions of some other great Podiobooks authors to listen to, search the site for Nathan Lowell, Mur Lafferty, Phil Rossi, JC Hutchins, and Scott Sigler. All of these are great authors who have shared thier works via podcast for years. In other news, you can now subscribe to updates to this blog viaRead More →

As I reported last time there was an issue with the Borrowed Time episodes that was preventing them from downloading into iTunes. I managed to overcome my techtardness and discover what the issue was and fix the episode files. If you subscribed to the full feed of the book from www.Penslinger.com then you can click the Get or Get All buttons in iTunes to download the episodes. If you subscribed to the story-only feed of the book from www.Podiobooks.com you will still have problems downloading the episodes into iTunes. I am working with the fine folks at Podiobooks to resolve this, but technical difficulties outsideRead More →

I am excited to announce that Borrowed Time will launch on Penslinger.com on July 15 in conjunction with Podiobooks.com. This has been a long time coming, and I am looking forward to sharing the first episodes with you. That’s right, I said episodes, with an “s.” On July 15 you will get not one, not two, not three or four episodes, you will get the first FIVE episodes of the Borrowed Time podiobook straight to your podcatcher, newsreader, or iTunes for your listening pleasure. Whether you subscribe to the book via Podiobook.com or Penslinger.com, you will get all five episodes on July 15. After that,Read More →