This inaugural episode of  the Time Out! podcast includes an excerpt from my novel and upcoming podiobook The Guerrilla Poet. I also announce my new voice mail number of (206) 666-1914. Please leave me some feedback on this episode using that number, email, blog comments, or by posting on the forum. Included in this episode is the promo for J.C. Hutchins‘ 7th Son: Descent which is available for preorder now, and hits bookstores everywhere on October 27. This is a great novel so please check it out, and if you love a good thriller be sure to buy a copy. Run time: 16:44 Press PlayRead More →

Just this morning I finished a book that has paved new ground in literary history. The book is Personal Effects: Dark Arts by J.C. Hutchins and Jordan Weisman. I’ve been a fan of J.C.’s work for some time as he successfully podcast a wonderful action/adventure/thriller trilogy called 7th Son, which he completed in 2007. Personal Effects is the first “dead-tree edition” of one of J.C.’s works. Based on a concept by Jordan Weisman, it is an excellent novel. If supernatural thrillers are your thing, then this book is for you. What really sets this apart is the experience away from the page. Yep, there’s anRead More →