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WFIP Interview for Ebook Death Match

Zach Ricks from Flying Island Press Interviews Keith Hughes and Scott Roche about Ebook Death Match. Run time: 7:10 Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…”

Companion episode 5 is now available

In this episode I go over story episodes 10 and 11, then answer feedback from Shirley Bruce, the Favorite Fan for episode 5! I also talk about the comic strip that Treed created about Borrowed Time. Finally I include two

Companion Episode 3 is now available

In this companion episode I share my interview with Andy Long from the Mind Bleach podcast, which was recorded on Launch Day, July 16th. The Mind Bleach podcast can be found at AND Talkshoe. I also tease some coming

Interview on the Mind Bleach podcast

I spent a little time with Andy Long, who is co-host of the Mind Bleach podcast, talking about Borrowed Time. I am an inaugural member of the audience of Mind Bleach, and can usually be found in the chat room