The Guerrilla Poet

What if by simply Writing a Word you could build a wall, light a fire, or cloud someone’s mind? In an environment like this Alan Porter struggles to use his talents to overthrow a totalitarian government that controls the masses by controlling Words. Access to Writing materials is restricted, and creating Verse without a license is severely punished. Raised in this atmosphere of systematic censorship, Alan heeds the irresistible call of Words to create a better world.

Ramblings of an Undisciplined Mind

In this quasi-daily (6 days a week) podcast I talk about writing, NaNoWriMo, life on the interwebz, video games, or any other topic that strikes my fancy. Recorded on my commute, RoaUMP is spontaneous and totally unscripted.

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I’m a Six-Time Winner!

I finished National Novel Wriitng Month with over 62,000 new words! This is my sixth time "winning" NaNoWriMo, but I still have work to do as the book is not finished. More words to come!