If you are looking to put a little science fiction in your day then you have come to the right place. Most titles are available as serialized audiobooks on and as ebooks on Amazon. Click the links below for more information on new and upcoming titles.

In my Borrowed Time series Ness Relevant is given a rare gift: a time machine. But he quickly realizes that the real challenge will be keeping it, as there are those with their own desires that are seeking to take it from him. Ness must keep himself, and those he loves, alive while protecting the future from his unscrupulous pursuers.

Alan Porter is The Guerrilla Poet, born with the ability to wield great powers through the writing of words. But using such abilities is illegal to all but a privileged few, and Alan quickly finds himself in direct conflict with the authorities as his need to write resists suppression. He embarks on a quest for freedom that has much larger implications than just his undeniable desire to write.

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I am always working on something new, and you can see what’s coming from the tip of my pen. All of the titles shown here will be available as ebooks soon!