Month: December 2012

Stolen Time Episode 23 – Hacker Heaven

In this episode Angie uses her feminine charms to get a favor from a smitten co-worker. (Chapter 24) This will be the last episode of 2012 as I am taking Christmas week off. Only four episodes to go after this

Stolen Time Episode 22 – Gearing Up

In this episode Ness calls in a favor to prepare for his next step in fighting Intellisys. (Chapter 23) No intro this week. Audio edits and my second sleep study ate into my recording time. Please check out Scott Roche’s

Stolen Time Episode 21 – Upping the Ante

Karl and his men continue the search for the troublesome Relevants while John gives an ultimatum. (Chapter 22) Please check out Scott Roche’s new project, The Way of the Gun. He is looking for backers to contribute the money needed