Month: September 2012

Stolen Time Episode 12 – Regrouping

In this episode Karl deals with the pressure of trying to locate Ness and Angie before John loses patience. (Chapter 13) I was finally able to get in front of the microphone again, say howdy, and talk a little about

Stolen Time Episode 11 – Explanations

In this episode John is frustrated by slow progress in the lab, and Angie finally gets the rest of the story from Ness. (Chapter 12) I’m still toughing through this cough, and while I don’t sound exactly like Zuul, I’m

Stolen Time Episode 10 – On the Run

In this episode Ness and Angie begin life on the run from the hired guns of Intellisys. (Chapter 11) I’ve been sick this week and am still a little coughy, so no jibber-jab. Leave me some feedback on the Penslinger

Stolen Time Episode 9 – Danger!

In this episode unexpected guests visit the Relevants and Angie learns some of what Ness has been hiding.  (Chapter 10) No jibber-jab this week, just 100% story! Leave me some feedback on the Penslinger listener line: (248) 289-0143 Run time: