Year: 2012

Stolen Time Episode 23 – Hacker Heaven

In this episode Angie uses her feminine charms to get a favor from a smitten co-worker. (Chapter 24) This will be the last episode of 2012 as I am taking Christmas week off. Only four episodes to go after this

Stolen Time Episode 22 – Gearing Up

In this episode Ness calls in a favor to prepare for his next step in fighting Intellisys. (Chapter 23) No intro this week. Audio edits and my second sleep study ate into my recording time. Please check out Scott Roche’s

Stolen Time Episode 21 – Upping the Ante

Karl and his men continue the search for the troublesome Relevants while John gives an ultimatum. (Chapter 22) Please check out Scott Roche’s new project, The Way of the Gun. He is looking for backers to contribute the money needed

Stolen Time Episode 20 – Duplicate Danger

In this episode Ness and Angie face more danger from the future, and they plan their next steps. (Chapter 21) I give my most humble apologies for totally forgetting to post an episode last week. I finished NaNoWriMo with a

Stolen Time Episode 19 – The Best Defense

In this episode Ness and Angie strike back. (Chapter 20) NaNoWriMo is in full swing, so no jibber-jab while I’m busy writing. Follow my progress at! I’ve passed 30,000 words and still going… Leave me some feedback on the

Stolen Time Episode 18 – Explanations Continued

In this episode Ness and Angie plan their next move, while Karl and his little soldiers play catch up. (Chapter 19) NaNoWriMo is in full swing, so no jibber-jab while I’m busy writing. Follow my progress at! Leave me

Stolen Time Episode 17 – Raising the Stakes

In this episode the Relevants learn the identity of their would-be captor, and the chase continues. (Chapter 18) My last intro before NaNoWriMo starts TONIGHT! There’s still time to click the Keith Hughes, Penslinger page on Facebook to possibly have

Stolen Time Episode 16 – Surprises

In this episode Ness retrieves what their German captor is looking for, while Angie faces her certain death. (Chapter 17) Still no intro this week as I’m working away editing audio before NaNoWriMo starts NEXT WEEK! Leave me some feedback

Stolen Time Episode 15 – Success

And we’re past the half-way point in the book! In this episode Ness and Angie find danger in the woods, while John finally gets some good news from the lab. (Chapter 16) There’s no jibber-jab this week as I’m busy

Stolen Time Episode 14 – Discoveries

In this episode Karl searches Ness and Angie’s apartment where he finds a clue that could lead him to the couple and the PDA. (Chapter 15) Stolen Time is now available on the Blio ebook store! It’s only 22 days