It’s one of the prevailing truths of the universe: the toilet paper will always run out when you need it most, the phone will always ring when you settle in to watch a movie, and writers hate editing. I am a writer, therefore I hate editing, right? Writers are put on this planet to create in an inspired frenzy that leads to a completed work where every word is a work of art, and each plot point is a sublime delight. Changing even the smallest phrase would diminish the whole. It is perfect as it flows from our fingers! Of course after we walk awayRead More →

Am I a writer? I know, that seems like a stupid question. After all I have written four novels since 2008. I have two novels released as podcasts, and another is planned for release this year. I have an ebook for sale that can be read on any ereader or computer that exists. So what am I doing asking if I’m a writer here on the website I use to promote my work? The reason I’m pondering this question comes from a number of podcasts I’ve listened to recently. I have a few writing shows that are staples on my Zune, but I also subscribeRead More →