As an added bonus, here is the latest episode of PodioRacket, a podcast all about new titles on Heather Roulo talks to me about The Guerrilla Poet, NaNoWriMo, and a wee bit about Stolen Time, the upcoming sequel to Borrowed Time. Enjoy! Run time: 22:41 Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…”Read More →

As it was foreseen, here is episode fourteen… The Inkless Metal Pen, a close analogue to Alan Porter’s stylus, is now available. Find out how we can score a discount through a group purchase. November is coming, and that means the next LIVE companion episode is on November 4th at 9pm, where in addition to the normal fare I will be reading the first chapter of my NaNoWriMo novel, Kilo Rising. Enjoying the luxury of a motel room, Alan and Christina recover from their adventure in the woods. With bandages purchased in town, he properly binds Christina’s arm while unsuccessfully trying to convince her thatRead More →

A boredom vaccine, is episode thirteen… The Inkless Metal Pen, a close analogue to Alan Porter’s stylus, is now available. Find out how we can score a discount through a group purchase. Still trekking northward by foot, the monotony of their travel is shattered when a wild dog attacks Christina. She suffers a serious bite to her arm before Alan kills the beast. The next day their travels are again cut short as an infection makes Christina weak with fever. Far from any medical assistance, Alan attempts to save her in an unorthodox manner. Run time: 26:16 Press Play on the player above or downloadRead More →

This is the third companion episode for The Guerrilla Poet podiobook. I apologize for the delays while I’m twiddling those dials. I expect that in another 5 or 6 years I’ll have this live podcast thing down cold.In this episode I discuss: TGP launched on Podiobooks October 11th I lied about the Zune Marketplace, but I have a really good excuse!  More on Guerrilla Poet Hash Feedback Podiobooks review Goodreads review of Borrowed Time Get your own stylus, similar to what Alan Porter uses. Details here! Commentary on story episodes 9 – 11 Promo: I Should Be Writing by Mur Lafferty I beg shamelessly forRead More →

What the helve, it’s episode twelve… With this episode we reach the halfway point in the novel. Tonight is the third LIVE companion episode.  Please join us for the show! The Guerrilla Poet is now available for download from Podiobooks. In this episode Alan and Christina are roused by the sounds of Compliance Officers finding their truck. Running away from the search, they are pursued by a helicopter and trapped in an old factory. They climb to the roof and attempt a daring jump to an adjacent building so they can escape. Later, Christina makes a life-changing decision of her own. Run time: 30:07 PressRead More →

Oh thank heaven, it’s episode 11! Many thanks to Scott Sigler and Mur Lafferty who both played the promo for The Guerrilla Poet on recent episodes. New on The Guerrilla Poet page is the podcast release calendar, some backstory about the Written Word and the Office, and character bios. Stop by to learn more about the world of The Guerrilla Poet. I also comment on my upcoming NaNoWriMo project. In this episode Alan and Christina make good their escape from Throm City in a truck Christina provides, although Alan must Write again to hide their identities. Posing as a farming couple, they drive north towardRead More →