Month: October 2009

Borrowed Time Companion Ep 9 – The Blooper Reel!

In this episode I go over a little bit of feedback and then… The blooper reel! This is the last episode to be released on the Borrowed Time feed, so to keep up with the latest news, and to hear


It’s just a few days until NaNoWriMo 2009 and I’m gearing up for the eff / / / [ WARNING ::: DATABASE ERROR ::: CONTENT OVERRIDE ::: SOURCE: EXTERNAL ] / / / source terminal location: UNKNOWN / / /

Time Out! Episode 1 – Excerpt from The Guerrilla Poet

This inaugural episode of  the Time Out! podcast includes an excerpt from my novel and upcoming podiobook The Guerrilla Poet. I also announce my new voice mail number of (206) 666-1914. Please leave me some feedback on this episode using

Companion episode 8

In this companion episode I cover end-of-book feedback from Podiobooks, iTunes, the blog, and Twitter. I announce the creation of the Time Out! podcast, where I will share excerpts, news, and commentary between the releases of my podiobooks. You can

I’m Wired! published an article yesterday by my fellow Twitterer Martyn Casserly (of Movie Mantras fame) about National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo) in which I am quoted along with my tweeps Nathan Lowell (a fantastic podcast novelist), and David N