Ramblings Episode 1183: Tis the Season?

I am resisting the idea of a combined Thanksgiving/Christmas season that encompasses all of November and into December.

Run time: 12:37

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2 comments on “Ramblings Episode 1183: Tis the Season?
  1. Regarding the 8-year-old boy in the Mercedes ad: Did your family never get a new car when you were a kid? At our house, everybody was excited when Mom and Dad brought home a new car. It was a family car, therefore a family event. The 8-year-old in the ad isn’t intended to drive the car himself (for at least eight years), but instead is hoping for the excitement that Mom and Dad’s new car would bring. If that happened, he would get to ride in a Mercedes!

  2. Gary Goodman says:

    HEY!! Old man Hughes, do you want me to get off your lawn too? You can rest assured that I will not ask anyone in your house to change the clock to play Christmas music at the top of each hour…this year anyway.

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