In this episode I cover: The latest Penslinger news My voice work on Flying Island Press‘ Treasure Island NaPodEdMo and a sneak peek at Chapter 1 of Stolen Time! I also play the promo for Scott Sigler’s GFL Series, an awesome YA sci-fi / football mash-up. Run time: 16:13 Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…”Read More →

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know one of my favorite days is September 19, which has been designated Talk Like A Pirate Day. Over the last few years I’ve taken this an excuse to come up with some bit of audio silliness, and this year is no exception! Click on the player or link below to hear me do a little Lady Gaga, pirate style in honor of the day. Enjoy! Use the player below or download it here.Run time: 6:30   Yo ho ho hoYo ho ho ho I am a pirate like they do on seven seasRaid and pillageRead More →

A word from you means a lot… and I’m not just sucking up. Well, maybe a little bit. Because I’m standing here with my digital hat in hand, asking plaintively for your help. I’m working hard to transition my writing from a hobby to a revenue-generating venture, and in order for that to happen YOU are a vital ingredient. What I ask is simple: if you have listened to the Borrowed Time podcast, or if you have read the ebook, please take a couple of minutes and leave me a review on Amazon. Even if you bought the ebook from some other store, a reviewRead More →

I am very pleased to be able to finally announce from the roof tops that I am part of the Podioracket Presents: Glimpses anthology that launches today on as a free podcast! Authors were invited to write an short story set in the world of one of their titles on the Podiobooks site. I wrote  Fleeting Time, which is a between-the-cracks story set in the world of my time travel novel Borrowed Time. Those who have experienced Borrowed Time will recognize where the this tale fits in with the larger story. And if you haven’t heard the novel, Fleeting Time is a great introductionRead More →

Here is my losers video from Ebook Death Match, sung to the tune of Don’t Stand So Close to Me by The Police. Enjoy! Lyrics:Two authors, come fightingTo sell the other’s work.Scott Roche thinks he’s mightyI’m sure I’ll move his bookBut then there’s disasterWhen all the sales are doneWe counted — it’s officialNo doubt that Scott has won I lost, I lost itI lost Ebook Death Match I lost, I lost itI lost Ebook Death Match I came out, hard hittingHe’d get his just dessertScott bribed with his short storiesA jab that really hurtWe circled, we grappledOn Amazon we foughtBut when the… dust settledScott raisedRead More →

This weekend the wife and I went to see the final installment of the movie version of Harry Potter. We had worked up to this by re-watching all of the movies in the couple of week prior to Deathly Hallows, Part 2 coming out. Now that I’ve seen this film, which was simply marvelous by the way, I’ve found myself reliving many of the memories surrounding Harry Potter. For one thing, it is really due to Harry Potter that I am a podcaster today. The first podcast I ever listened to was a Harry Potter-themed show called Mugglecast. This was followed shortly thereafter by Pottercast,Read More →

The bout is over and the judges’ decisions have come in: Scott Roche has won Ebook Death Match! That means I have to get busy on the loser’s consequence of “Write a song a sing it.” Stay tuned for a video of my special song, coming soon! Run time: 3:20 Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…”Read More →

And there’s the bell for the start of round 15, by rule the final round of this epic bout. Both fighters come out of thier corners. They’re a bit tired. Keith “Penslinger” Hughes lets his guard drop a bit, and Scott “Spiritualtramp” Roche moves in. Oh! Hughes is rocked by a nasty jab to the face! He stumbles back, but manages to shake off the blow. Now he’s back in it. A roundhouse punch is barely blocked by Roche, but he didn’t see  Hughes’ left coming in for a body blow. Roche staggers, then falls to a knee. The referee has to keep Hughes back whileRead More →

WARNING: This video contains violence, swearing, and gore. Listener discretion is advised. I read an excerpt from Fetch, one of the short stories in Scott Roche’s horror anthology, Through A Glass, Darkly. Check out the Ebook Death Match event on Facebook. It’s a great place to find all of the great content Scott and I are producing for Ebook Death Match. Also don’t forget to pick up your copy of Through a Glass, Darkly from either Amazon ( or Smashwords ( today!Read More →

Warning: This story contains compromising situations, foul language, and graphic violence. This episode is my reading of an excerpt from the short story Power in the Blood, part of the horror anthology Through a Glass, Darkly by Scott Roche. Support me in Ebook Death Match by picking up your copy today from Amazon or Smashwords. Run time: 8:32 Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…”Read More →