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Cover is Revealed for Timehunt: Stolen Time

It is with great joy that I reveal the cover for the second installment of the Ness Relevont adventures –Timehunt: Stolen Time. This amazing cover was created by the talented Starla Huchton, and it perfectly conveys the emotional stress Ness

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Ramblings Episode 42 – Vanity Marketing

I talk about a recent email I received from Amazon. Is it good news for my work, or just a way to make me buy more books? #RoaUMP  Run time: 11:33 Press Play on the player above or download the

Stolen Time Episode 27 – Closure

In this episode Ness and Angie visit Glenn’s former office to confront the danger hidden there. (Chapter 29) Here it is at long last, the final episode of Stolen Time! In the intro I talk about my future plans including

Stolen Time Episode 26 – Resolution

In this episode the balance of power shifts before chaos erupts in the lab. (Chapter 28) This is the penultimate episode! Next week will see the conclusion of Stolen Time along with a few timely announcements. Don’t miss it! Run

Stolen Time Episode 25 – Attack of the Doppelgangers

In this episode Ness and Angie arrive at Intellisys and witness the final test of Dix’s time machine. (Chapter 27) No jibber-jab this week so I can continue final audio edits. ONLY TWO EPISODES TO GO AFTER THIS ONE!!! Run

Stolen Time Episode 24 – Frustration / Deployment

In this episode Dix makes a breakthrough while Ness and Angie devise their plan to take down Intellisys. (Chapters 25 & 26) Happy New Year! I’m working hard to finish my audio edits so no intro this week. Run time:

Stolen Time Episode 23 – Hacker Heaven

In this episode Angie uses her feminine charms to get a favor from a smitten co-worker. (Chapter 24) This will be the last episode of 2012 as I am taking Christmas week off. Only four episodes to go after this

Stolen Time Episode 22 – Gearing Up

In this episode Ness calls in a favor to prepare for his next step in fighting Intellisys. (Chapter 23) No intro this week. Audio edits and my second sleep study ate into my recording time. Please check out Scott Roche’s

Stolen Time Episode 21 – Upping the Ante

Karl and his men continue the search for the troublesome Relevants while John gives an ultimatum. (Chapter 22) Please check out Scott Roche’s new project, The Way of the Gun. He is looking for backers to contribute the money needed

Stolen Time Episode 20 – Duplicate Danger

In this episode Ness and Angie face more danger from the future, and they plan their next steps. (Chapter 21) I give my most humble apologies for totally forgetting to post an episode last week. I finished NaNoWriMo with a