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Ramblings Episode 114 – Frak iTunes

I once again tangle with my old nemesis, which leads to a rant about lazy programming. #RoaUMP Run time: 10:40 Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…”

Borrowed Time is in the iTunes store!

For your convenience the full feed of Borrowed Time, which contains the story episodes and my exciting trivia-filled companion episodes, is now listed in the iTunes store. You can now easily subscribe in by using the link here or by

iTunes problems are resolved…mostly

As I reported last time there was an issue with the Borrowed Time episodes that was preventing them from downloading into iTunes. I managed to overcome my techtardness and discover what the issue was and fix the episode files. If

A note to iTunes users…

I am aware that most of the Borrowed Time episodes will not download to iTunes on either the Penslinger or Podiobooks feeds. I am working to resolve the situation and will post an update once it is resolved. Thanks for