Not too long ago I was asked what my editing process is, and my first thought was that I had probably shared that at some time in the past on this blog. In the next instant I realized that whatever post from 3-7 years ago that might exist was likely obsolete. As I have worked through making podcasts of three novels, and incorporating what I have learned to improve my craft, I have developed a new process for editing my works. Obviously the first step is writing the initial draft. After that I usually like to let it sit and “age” for a month orRead More →

I had a mind-blowing thought last week: why not use the Penslinger blog as…  wait for it… a blog! I know, radical idea, right?  Anyway I’m going to try to post here about once a week with my progress on Stolen Time, thoughts about writing, or whatever else tickles my fancy. I’ll still be releasing occasional episodes of The Time Out! Podcast, but I hope to be more frequent with these posts. Two other things happened last week and they are somewhat related: I finished my second read-through of Stolen Time, and I bought a Kindle. The relationship was that I was not allowing myselfRead More →

I recently received an e-mail from Felbrigg Herriot that he reviewed Borrowed Time on his Free Audio Review blog! As you can see below he enjoyed the story and recommends it to others: The plot emerges through a series of exciting near-non-stop scenes where the protagonist is always on the run and flitting across time. It’s a compelling listen and great fun. I really enjoyed it… Well worth downloading. Be sure to check out his other reviews to see what else out there in the podiosphere is worth a listen. And if his review led you to check out Borrowed Time, please leave him aRead More →