Warning: This story contains compromising situations, foul language, and graphic violence. This episode is my reading of an excerpt from the short story Power in the Blood, part of the horror anthology Through a Glass, Darkly by Scott Roche. Support me in Ebook Death Match by picking up your copy today from Amazon or Smashwords. Run time: 8:32 Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking and selecting “Save target as…”Read More →

In this episode I cover: Initial edits are completed for Stolen Time, and it has been turned over to the Pianoeditor and her fourteen-inch Pencil of Doom©.   Borrowed Time is on the Amazon Kindle Store! I also go over listener stats for the BT podcast. I play the promo for Ebook Death Match and talk a bit about the marketing contest where I am competing against fellow  Scott Roche. I am trying to sell his horror anthology Through a Glass, Darkly, while he is trying to sell Borrowed Time. Support me by buying a copy of Scott’s book from Kindle or Smashwords before JuneRead More →

Cast your vote for what the loser of Ebook Death Match should do as a consequence. And remember that if there is a tie that both Scott and I will perform do whatever is chosen. survey hostingRead More →

I read an excerpt from Fetch, one of the short stories in Scott Roche’s horror anthology, Through A Glass, Darkly. You can listen to the audio version, or watch the video I created with a real spooky pic of me! Check out the Ebook Deatch Match event on Facebook. It’s a great place to find all of the great content Scott and I are producing for Ebook Death Match. Also don’t forget to pick up your copy of Through a Glass, Darkly from either Amazon or Smashwords today!Run time: 7:10 Press Play on the player above or download the episode here by right clicking andRead More →

Momentum for Ebook Death Match is growing! The Movie Mantras podcast is the first to play the promo, but keep your ears peeled as it will be popping up in other places as well. I added a review for Scott Roche’s ebook Through a Glass, Darkly to GoodReads and Amazon, the text of which is below: This anthology is a collection of four horror stories that in some way always defy your expectations. Scott presents vivid characters that are instantly interesting, allowing is to have a vested interest in their welfare as the tale unfolds. Scott merges the context of faith into his horror inRead More →

Starting today I am embarking on an ebook selling competition against Scott Roche, a fellow author who also podcasts his work. This competition has a twist, however: I’m selling his ebook and he’s selling mine! We’re in an all-out sprint to see who can sell more of the other’s book by June 20th. So while Scott is busily hawking the ebook for Borrowed Time, I am asking that you buy Scott’s horror anthology Through A Glass, Darkly. I have read it and found it enjoyable with enticing characters and unexpected twists (Check out GoodReads or Amazon for a more detailed review). The ebook is availableRead More →

My prime editing time is the wee hours of the morning. I get up around 3:15am, brew some green tea, and get to work. It’s a quiet time and I can get a lot done. But the strangest thing has happened to me recently while ediitng Stolen Time. A few weeks ago I was working when a rather large and ugly spider (really, they’re all ugly) spider ran right across my manuscript. I about jumped out of my skin and uttered some un-ladylike words before consigning my visitor to a watery death in the Commode of DoomTM. Then yesterday I was once again editing away whenRead More →