Month: October 2012

Stolen Time Episode 17 – Raising the Stakes

In this episode the Relevants learn the identity of their would-be captor, and the chase continues. (Chapter 18) My last intro before NaNoWriMo starts TONIGHT! There’s still time to click the Keith Hughes, Penslinger page on Facebook to possibly have

Stolen Time Episode 16 – Surprises

In this episode Ness retrieves what their German captor is looking for, while Angie faces her certain death. (Chapter 17) Still no intro this week as I’m working away editing audio before NaNoWriMo starts NEXT WEEK! Leave me some feedback

Stolen Time Episode 15 – Success

And we’re past the half-way point in the book! In this episode Ness and Angie find danger in the woods, while John finally gets some good news from the lab. (Chapter 16) There’s no jibber-jab this week as I’m busy

Stolen Time Episode 14 – Discoveries

In this episode Karl searches Ness and Angie’s apartment where he finds a clue that could lead him to the couple and the PDA. (Chapter 15) Stolen Time is now available on the Blio ebook store! It’s only 22 days

Stolen Time Episode 13 – Restless Respite

In this episode a visitor to Ness and Angie’s motel room brings some unwanted attention. (Chapter 14) Stolen Time has received its first iTunes review. If you’re an iTunes user, please leave me a review today! It’s only 28 days