Month: August 2012

Stolen Time Episode 8 – Seeing Double

In this episode Karl returns to Intellisys where he gets some very bad news from Dr. Dix.  (Chapter 9) Stolen Time is now on the Sony Reader Store. Leave me some feedback on the Penslinger listener line: (248) 289-0143 Run

Stolen Time Episode 7 – Hitching a Ride

In this episode Ness’ unexpected travel companion turns him to an old friend for information.  (Chapter 8) No jibber-jab this week, just pure story! Promo played: Flying Island Press (It’s a hoot!) Run time: 19:16 Press Play on the player

Stolen Time Episode 6 – Future Imperfect

In this episode Ness impersonates his future self and makes a terrible discovery.  (Chapter 7) Thanks to Matt McRoberts for posting the first review (5 star!) to Amazon and Goodreads. Stolen Time is also now available on the Diesel eBook

Stolen Time Episode 5 – Information and Ramifications

In this episode Ness performs a dangerous task in the future, then John Felch reveals his plans for the future. (Chapter 6) This week’s episode co-stars @muchado1. Run time: 18:01 Press Play on the player above or download the episode

Stolen Time Episode 4 – Grim Discoveries

In this episode Angie learns the grim parameters of her future, Williams’ fun with Reed takes a dark turn, and Ness prepares for a dangerous mission. (Chapter 5) Promo Played: The Jonja Podcast Run time: 20:08 Press Play on the