Month: July 2012

Stolen Time Episode 3 – A Dish Best Served Cold / Redux

In this episode Ness encounters a shocking reality. Then the past repeats itself, but the results are not what Ness expected. (Chapters 3 & 4) Promo Played: Good To Be A Gamer Podcast Run time: 23:47 Press Play on the

Stolen Time Episode 2 – Happiness and Sadness

Special launch day bonus episode! In this episode we learn more about Ness and Angie’s history together, then Ness is rocked by tragedy. Promo Played: Who Goes There? Run time: 18:56 Press Play on the player above or download the

Stolen Time Episode 1 – Guilty

At last the launch of Stolen Time is here! Enjoy the first of two episodes being released today… In this episode Ness visits a crime scene and reflects on his guilt while Angie tries to put aside her suspicions about

Borrowed Time Available for Nook

I’m happy to announce that Borrowed Time is now available as a Nook book for just 99 cents! If you have a Nook, or use the free Nook reading app, snag your copy today. It’s a great way to get