Month: September 2010

The Guerrilla Poet – Episode 10

If you got the yen, here’s episode 10! This week I shamelessly beg for feedback, so please, please send me some here. In this episode Trev becomes a regular face in the media as many outlets requested follow-up interviews. Verity

Guerrilla Poet Hash!

I know it’s rather odd to look forward to sharing a recipe for 2 years, but I have been doing exactly that since 2008.  And then I realized that I had neglected to include the recipe for Guerrilla Poet Hash

The Guerrilla Poet Companion Episode 2

I apologize for the sound quality. I neglected to record this on my PC as it happened, so I had to lift it from the Ustream file. In this episode I cover: Feedback Blog comments Twitter Facebook Group Discussions ITunes

The Guerrilla Poet – Episode 9

You’re just in time for episode 9… The next LIVE companion episode, is TONIGHT at 9 PM. Call-ins will be handled through Skype. Search for edgizmo to find me and give me a call! Streaming will be provided by Ustream.

A Pirate’s Life – 2010 Edition

Here is a special treat I developed for my blog, Ramblings of an Undiscliplined Mind, that I dropped into the feed for your enjoyment. ********************************* Ahoy, me hearties! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day, and I hope yer doin’

The Guerrilla Poet – Episode 8

This’ll be great, it’s episode 8! The Guerrilla Poet drops on starting October 11. Let all your friends know it’s coming. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the next LIVE companion episode, September 23, 2010 at 9

The Guerrilla Poet – Episode 7

Mark your calendar for the next LIVE companion episode, September 23, 2010 at 9 PM. In preparation for his meeting with Christina, Alan comes up with a plan to elude his followers. After finally managing to move unobserved, Alan meets

The Guerrilla Poet Companion Episode 1

The first companion episode where I discuss chapters 1-5 of the Guerrilla Poet. This was recorded LIVE on September 2, 2010. On the whole I thought the episode went well, although there was some sort of technical foobar that prevented

The Guerrilla Poet – Episode 6

Tonight at 9:00 pm is the first LIVE companion episode for The Guerrilla Poet . Visit the Live Podcasts page for more information. I hope to see you there! In this episode Alan feels the scrutiny of Inspector Panice and